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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wash day is now

Despite the fact that our whole house could have used a once-over, the girls and I decided to do some fun stuff together on our first day as a trio in about a month. After two weeks of fun with Granny and almost that long at Grandma and Toot Toot's house during the renovation, we're experiencing kind of a letdown now that the travel and visiting has come to an end.

So yesterday besides helping me color my gray hair "blackberry", the girls also enjoyed a huge fashion show with the clothes in the guest room closet. Now the closet looks pristine and the guest room looks like a natural disaster; but we made good progress, and it really was fun. Fiona and Nora got to see clothes that Fiona herself used to wear, and clothes that Mia, McKae, Sydney, and some friends from church used to wear, too! Because of the seasonal timing, I went ahead and tried some 4T clothes on Nora. Lo and behold, both 3T and many 4T items fit. I'm glad we'll get good use out of them before Nora possibly outgrows them by next Summer.

Because we've been blessed by so many handed down gifts, there was actually a fair amount of Spring and Summer wear for Fiona to try as well; and since many skirts have shorts built in, even our tall Fiona can still wear a lot of them! And Nora, who has the benefit of not only hand-me-downs from friends and extended family but also Fiona-wear from our own Dual Income Days, could probably almost wear something different every day this Summer.

We'll have to hold onto some of our cooler weather clothes for another little while, but hopefully their closet can contain the sherbet-colored wonders that we unearthed in the guest room closet yesterday. It was a grand way to liven up our quieter household. Now to get to those litter boxes, the sinks, and the tub. Getting back to the daily grind is tough stuff.


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