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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Two Fionas in a pod

Yesterday we went to a friend's graduation party. Congratulations, Jess! In keeping with the solemnity of the occasion, there were hot dogs and veggie dogs, a cotton candy machine, an arts and crafts table, and a moonwalk. It's definitely filed in my mental cabinet for the possibility of more fun in the future.

So there we were, alternately chatting with parents and bouncing madly with our kids in the moonwalk, when we realized that our Fiona was bouncing with a fellow Fiona! When we visited Alyssa, our old friend from daycare a couple weeks ago, she had mentioned that there was a "new Fiona" at the daycare now. And I'll be doggoned if we didn't accidentally find her in a bouncy castle!

We don't know little Fiona's last name, but both Fionas share first names and middle initials. Small world! I wonder if the other Fiona knows that there is a hairless albino rat at Science Central who also shares her moniker?!

When my parents named me Jennifer, they truly did believe it to be a unique name. Apparently, at about that same time, so did thousands of other parents. I'm at the older end of an abundance of Jennifers. While the name Ian has never exactly been unpopular, it isn't really common either; although more people are choosing it every day. Besides leaning toward Celtic names, we attempted with both girls' names to strike the balance between refreshingly unusual and comfortably familiar. It has taken us almost five years to meet another Fiona, and now within a month we've met two. Fiona: the new Jennifer?!


At 12:54 PM, Blogger Sucero said...

I can relate. My name was (according to legend) picked from the dictionary by a relative. So how come so many other people just around the same time found this name?
When naming my children, how common the name is is a BIG issue for me. Since Helena's arrival we have met many, many Elainas. Though not the same name it is close. Helena sees little difference between the names and calls her friend Helainy :)
And just the other day we watched a Seinfeld that had an Ada in it! Uh-oh, a sign of Adas to come?
One of many Heathers


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