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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Country pinecone, city pinecone

Today we visited friends Teresa and Robert out in their new home in the country. WOW! We always have fun with them, but today we had fun in a fabulous new woodsy place! We saw teeny little pinecones, and frogs, and a glowing pond, and walls with fun hidden compartments, and cupboards with doors to the outside (for firewood and inquisitive little people), and much, much more! We played and danced and pretended to be airplanes and ate the best macaroni and cheese this world may ever experience. But you have to take my word for it, because in all the excitement I didn't get out the camera. I thought I left it in the car, but discovered later that it was in the diaper bag all along. Too bad! It was truly a woodsy wonderland, though, and we're happy for Robert and his whole family for finding such a gem.

Then, during our family walk after dinner, we found MORE teeny little pinecones, and more cicada exoskeletons during Fiona's pauses on her bike. That child is really getting fast on the bike. Most people use stroller cupholders for, well, CUPS, but check out how they usually get pressed into service for us these days. I'll spare you the pictures that showed the spare legs lying loose in the bottom of the key tray.

Nora also got to go past her lions, aka doggies. Check out all the roaring here.


At 8:30 AM, Blogger Teresa said...

We're so happy you could all come over, and we look forward to getting together soon.


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