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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

First haircut

It's weird. People told us throughout the second pregnancy how different the second child would be from the first, but it took living with the second child to make us true believers. Nora is, in fact, very different than her older sister-- as well as delightfully similar in many ways-- in appearance, word, and deed.

One of their differences is certainly the growth pattern of their hair. Today, almost on a whim, we had Nora's bangs cut. She had one stubborn lock of hair that was getting into her eyes regularly. It bothered her, but when I pinned it out of her way with a clip, she tore the barrette out with a savagery that pulled out many hairs unnecessarily. Contrast photos of Nora's first bang trim at 18 months with Fiona's first haircut-- which primarily helped blend in the "natural tail" that was growing at the nape of her neck-- at two years. Wow!

I was already going to see my stylist Amy today, so I asked her whether she might have time to clip Nora's bangs sometime. Amy said there was no time like the present, so with no planning, no fanfare, right in the middle of my own haircut, when Ian arrived after work to take the girls home for dinner, Nora got her first haircut.

We're different parents now than we were then, I guess. Sure, we try to blog now and do our best to document the ups and downs of our daily lives with our lively little ones. But last time around we had the presence of mind to save that first sweet curl of hair in an envelope. This time, in sharp contrast, we simply had the presence of mind to bring the children home for dinner instead of letting them run amok during my haircut. But with or without that little strawberry blonde wisp, Nora is much more comfortable after her first haircut. Thank you, Amy!


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