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Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 in review

2007 has been a very good year for us. A full year at home with these joyous little wonders has been an amazing experience. It brings me contentment and fulfillment I never knew was missing till I got to roll up my sleeves and do it full-time.

I don't know whether being at home makes our kids smarter, more creative, more sheltered, less resistant to illnesses later in life, or any of the hot topics on the parenting discussion boards. What I do know for certain is that being at home has given all of us a chance to enjoy each other more fully, and to grow stronger together through both good times and rough ones, too.

Over the past year we have dropped lawn service, TV service, traditional long distance service, the newspaper, and numerous non-essential food, convenience items, and entertainment options from our purchases. In addition, the hand-me-downs of family and friends have been godsends to our pocketbooks while simultaneously keeping our kids dressed as vibrantly as their personalities. The Family Belt has tightened considerably. It's not clear at this point how long we'll continue to choose to live on one income.

But as cheesy as it probably sounds, simpler living feels a whole lot cushier when surrounded by the ebullient fireballs I call my family. Life is mighty fine. I hope your 2008 is half as good as 2007 has been to us.


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