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Friday, August 29, 2008

Vomitous blur

Our life is a hazy blur of sickness right now. The girls went to bed seemingly well on Monday night, but both got sick in bed during the night. By Tuesday they were better. Wednesday night Fiona threw up again, though only once. Back to the BRAT diet for Fiona. We rewashed all surfaces, all linens, and the mattress. Chatted with the kind and patient folks at the 24-hour Nurseline. (They were very reassuring. Apparently this just happens sometimes!)

We had a quiet day and hoped we were out of the woods until Nora threw up in the wee hours of Friday morning at 4:30 am. Three times. With a slight fever. Back to the drawing board.

She just awakened at around 3:30 on the sofa as Fiona and I were finishing up reading The Kite Fighters and asked brightly, "Did you make cupcakes?" I asked her if she had just had a pleasant dream revolving around the edible dainties, but wasn't able to get to the bottom of that before clearing up the fact that she was probably more ready for applesauce. She'd been successfully holding down water for hours by then. At that exact moment she blanched, and. . . you guessed it. No applesauce.


At 5:37 PM, Blogger Deborah said...

Sorry about the stomach bug. A squeegee and dustpan are the best way to clean up the yuck.


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