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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Field trip to the mill

Today our family joined a group that went to visit the oldest water powered mill in the state. Family owned and operated since 1904, the mill has changed a lot but was amazingly old-fashioned in numerous ways. It was fascinating to see so many beautiful wooden machines gleaming lustily while they churned out cornmeal, buckwheat flour, white and wheat pastry flour, bread flour, and more.

The kids were amazed by the huge hydroelectric generator and whirring machines, but were just as impressed by touching the sharp pieces of buckwheat or flour in varied stages as it was being milled. It was quite the floury experience; in fact, there was a sign that read something like, "We have many types of dust but you're welcome to help yourself to any of them." LOL!

The machines were loud in some places (it is a busy mill!) and Nora needed my attention in other spots, so I know I missed some interesting points. But tourists young and old were treated with the utmost respect and kindness everywhere at the mill today. We learned plenty, had a great deal of fun, and brought home some fresh, delicious pantry items. Now I just need to find my flour sifter!


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