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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Too tired

Sleepy is as sleepy does. Is there a saying like that? If not, I'm altering the old saw now, because it's definitely true. We've had some fun lately-- too much of a good thing, perhaps? Now it's eminently clear that our sleeping schedules are FWP (a phrase I learned from Ian's Dad which stands for Fraught With Peril).

Fabulous weekends + unusual weekday nighttime routines = sleep loss. Now Fiona has a lower tolerance level and is weepier than usual, and Nora falls asleep over her lunch AND her dinner, and wakes prematurely from her single nap. The poor toddler growled like a wildcat most the day on Monday, and that's BEFORE we had an overnight with grandparents.

Parents are not immune to this cumulative sleep deprivation, either. Our fuses feel shortest right when they need a little extra. But we're trying to get back on track, and with any luck we will... in time.


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