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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The snowy day-trip

I had some business out of town this morning, and Ian had to work, so the girls and I made a day-trip adventure out of it. We celebrated Mass at a new location, and Fiona was looking at the stained glass quite closely since she is working on some drawings of stained glass in one of her art classes. Then we looked at snowy Lake George, did some one-stop shopping, and checked out the State Park.

We didn't go on the toboggan ride ("That thing is taller than our house!" exclaimed Fiona), but we spent over 3.5 hours in the Nature Center. We did games and puzzles there. We also scrutinized live and stuffed animals. We identified a number of birds at the large observatory window, including a very rare one- a leucystic something-or-other. Why didn't I bring a notebook along?! Aaron, one of the interpretive naturalists there that afternoon, even invited guests downstairs to see a Black Rat Snake eat the sparrow that had just hit the window a mite too hard.

We'd like to go back when the weather is farther above ten degrees. Until then, we have some great stories to share about this marvelous day-trip.


At 7:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a day you had! Looks like a lot of fun. And I just discovered the Christmas pics on Flickr....oh, well, I'm kinda slow! Anyway, they were fun to look, Gran


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