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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cat show

Yesterday on our way out to Annie Rose's house to pick up Fiona after a post-art camp afternoon of of play, Nora and I passed a big sign that read "Cat Show." Somehow, despite almost forty years of being more of a dog person, I have given birth to two cat lovers. So we decided to check out the cat show today.

If you've never been to a show like this before, it is truly very interesting. We watched many types of judging and wandered between table after table of really striking, extremely expensive felines. I tried to take a picture at one of the judging rings but realized that the battery was still at home in the charger. D'oh.

Surprisingly, the three of us found a cat that we all could agree on: the Savannah. That cat looked just like the servals we see in the new zoo exhibit, and we love those. I looked up Savannahs once we got home. It figures we like them, as Savannahs cost between $1000-$25,000 depending upon how much serval is in their bloodline. No wonder they look like servals! They're often described as dog-like and make great pets if you have that much expendible income lying around. Then again, our two shelter cats are great pets, too.


At 12:57 PM, Blogger Jessie said...

My best friend from home's mom pretty much runs the cat show. So my best friend was working there all day. I told her to look out for you when Mom Mary's facebook stalking told me you were going. She shows the Mainecoons aka the giant fluff ball cats.

At 10:05 PM, Blogger JCB said...

That kitty looks like Zoe! Fiona and Nora, come meet Zoe and meet a real savannah-like kitty who did not cost money!


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