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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reading Rainbow Author Illustrator Contest

Many children submit for the Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators contest, and we hold no delusions of winning. Nonetheless, we love Fiona's story. We had sweated over a different one for weeks, but she just wasn't feeling it, and it wasn't getting done. The deadline is this Friday.

I asked Ian to sit down with her and see if he could use a different angle than whatever I'd been doing up until that point. He did, and twelve hours later, she has an edited story. I'll share the illustrations once she's finished with them.

The Wonderful Smell, by Fiona

Chapter one
Once upon a time three friends named Fiona, Helena, and Nora lived in a cottage in the woods. One cold day, after putting a pie on the counter to cool, they took a walk.

Meanwhile, a bear noticed a honey apple smell and followed it through the woods. When he arrived at their cottage, he looked through a window and noticed an apple pie. Using his claws he opened the window. He stuck his head inside to taste it.

Chapter two
Bonk! The window banged down onto the bear’s neck. “Ouch!” he yelled. The bear was stuck.

When they got home the girls saw a furry brown rump sticking out a window.They ran inside excitedly. There they saw the bear’s head. He looked scared. He said, “I need help.”

Chapter three
Nora said, “I’ll help you!” She tried pushing his head out the window. It did not work.

Helena said, “I’ll help you!” She tried to open the window. It was frozen shut.

Fiona said, “I’ll help you!” She called the woman across the stream. Together they hung a blanket over the bear. His heat warmed the window. It opened. He was free!

They all ate pie and lived happily ever after.


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