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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

From shaggy to shorn

We had been letting Fiona's hair grow into a little bit of a shag this winter. The pixie seemed a little chilly to me during these frigid wintry days and nights. In addition, we thought we had to pull Fiona's hair back from her face for her dance recital this Spring, so we were letting it grow long enough that we could twist strands back out of the way. As it turns out, only kids with shoulder-length hair or longer need to worry about that. Whew!

Fiona is not a Let's Fuss With My Hair Now type of gal. She's more of a There's Play to Be Had if We Get Moving Now type. So we just had to find a $3 haircut Wednesday at the beauty college during which we weren't already filled to the gills with our usual activities, naps, and everyday fun.

Today was that day, so the pixie has returned. Spring can't be too far behind, right? Everything's coming up roses, right? Apparently not-- everything's coming up haircuts. Once Nora discovered-- about last week or so-- that her beloved sister was getting a haircut, she was hell-bent to get one as well. "My pixie cut? Yes?" has been her perpetual mantra as she has grabbed handfuls of her own hair and tugged surprisingly hard on it.

Visions of our usual Nora holding any of a number of verboten items and running away with them above her head ran across my mind's eye. I tried to imagine how long it would be before Nora hacked her own hair as I unloaded the dishwasher or fed the cats or something. "Yes Nora," Ian and I decided, "you can have your hair cut too. Maybe not in a pixie quite yet, but a trim wouldn't hurt anything." I had trimmed her bangs myself not too very long ago (remember how THAT turned out last time?), and it was probably time for the rest of her head to get some attention anyhow. Now she has a layered inverse bob. She love, love, LOVES it. Fiona is glad to get back to her pixie roots as well.

Yeah. Haircuts all around. We meant to do that. Right?


At 11:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, Ian--Jen is right: they DO look very much like sisters in this photo! Love, Mom


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